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The Gaytheist discussion group was set up in late 2009 as a forum on Yahoogroups where like-minded people could swap ideas and alert other members to relevant news stories.

It was set up by one of Pink Triangle’s bloggers, Andy Armitage, as a direct result of censorship by the discussion group that has been run for several years by the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA).

Nannying and censorship caused comment among some members of the GALHA discussion group and, we suspect, became an embarrassment for the GALHA committee running it with a zeal for control. One member pointed out that the group had been premoderated for several months, but no one seemed to know.

Gaytheist believes in allowing members to be adults. There is no censorship, no pre-moderation. The only time a post would be removed would be if it contained libellous content, holding the Pink Triangle Trust up to possible litigation; or if it contained some kind direct incitement to violence or hatred. Oh, and outright spam.

Gaytheist believes that even homophobic and pro-religious opinions should be expressed, because the best way to deal with such views is through debate and, if necessary, ridicule. Members of such a group soon become twitchy if someone posts something that’s a bit off, and it’s hoped they’ll soon point out the error of a member’s ways, if that is the case.

You can sign up to become a member of Gaytheist by putting your email address into the slot at the top of this post, or the same one on the sidebar to the right. You’ll get an email to ask you to confirm your decision and to talk you through what to do next. Easy-peasy.

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