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Monday, 31 March 2008

Bring on same-sex unions, say Irish

Most people in the Republic of Ireland want to see official recognition of same-sex partnerships. Around 84 per cent of those polled in a survey favoured either same-sex marriage or civil partnerships, such as exist in the UK.

The Irish government has ruled out gay marriage as such, though, claiming that it would require a potentially divisive referendum on a change to the constitution. However, proposals for civil partnerships are expected to be brought forward soon by the country’s Justice Minister, Brian Lenihan.

“It is understood that the Republic of Ireland will recognise same-sex marriages, civil unions and civil partnerships from other countries when it legalises same-sex unions,” says the Pink News online news outlet.

“The UK already recognises same-sex unions and marriages from nearly 20 countries, including Canada, the US and France.”

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