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Saturday, 29 January 2011

The real Stephen Green

So now we know the real Stephen Green, it seems. He beat his wife, he beat his kids, he made his family's life a misery, according to his ex-wife.

Read all about it, as they say, in this story in the Daily Mail. It's quite a revelation.

Oh, how are the mighty – or, in arch homophobe Green's case, the deluded hypocrites – fallen!

Does this mean we'll be spared his dangerous ranting in future? Let's hope so. Rather, let's hope he's thoroughly discredited in the eyes of his followers, and that they will come to see the light – but not the light that Stephen Green espoused.

1 comment:

Renny said...

This story is messing with my head! On one hand, I want him to be exposed, on the other , it appears in the Daily Mail, so my default position is to doubt it!

I doubt the Mail will change its stance over this, they have never been very consistent in their reasoning.