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Monday, 20 June 2011

Gay bishops? No problem! But …

It’s the old, old story. We don’t mind – well some of us don’t mind – if you’re gay, but . . .

Yes, there’s always bullshit before the but, isn’t there?

In this case, it’s the possibility that the good ol’ Church of England may allow gay clergy to become bishops. But there’s a catch.

And the catch is . . .? You’ve guessed it.

You can’t have nookie.

Once again, men in frocks seem to think they know the mind of God – even know that there is a God – and pronounce on what other men in frocks should do with their wiggly things.

1 comment:

Micky said...

Oddly, some might think, but it seems that the Church of Scotland has been sort of leading the way on this sort of thing.

Perhaps you should run a pole on who the next Archbishop of Canterbury should be. Peter Tatchell?