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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sham claim over gay marriage in Scotland

So poor, hard-done-to church members in Scotland fear that Scottish government assurances over gay marriage are a sham.

Ministers have said no decision will be taken while a consultation is under way. But some antigay Scottish National Party members are claiming that ministers will press ahead anyway.

Oh, did I say antigay? Perhaps I meant anti-gay-marriage. But it amounts to the same thing: if you don’t agree with equality for gay people, you’re antigay. Why else would you disagree with equality?


Anonymous said...

So very true. There really is a very fine, even dashed line between being anti-gay and anti marriage equality.

And that line between the two is virtually non existent these days. We're starting to see that the root argument of those who would deny us the full measure of equality is actually a hatred for gay people.

And we won't even get into the generalized and irrational hatred for the transgender out there.

George Broadhead said...

Is "anti-gay" now replacing "homophobic", I wonder?

Of course, strictly speaking, "homophobic" means hatred or fear of gays. but I though it was now widely used instead of "anti-gay". I use it, but does it really matter?

Diesel B said...

I sometimes use the word "homophobic" to describe those who oppose full equality for gay people, but I try to use "anti-gay" instead, wherever possible, as "homophobia" is akin to the rest of the stealthy Orwellian Newspeak that the far-left uses to try and "moralise" its ideological agenda (so-called "Islamophobia" being a case in point). Better to use plain English, I think, than these dubious weasel words that more and more people are seeing through.