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Monday, 12 December 2011

Another pillock

Here’s another moron who thinks being gay is a lifestyle choice. But he’s a religious nut, so what do you expect?

And this utter turd – Rev. James Gracie from the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) – has caused controversy by likening being gay to paedophilia, polygamy and theft.

What are these people on, for goodness’ sake? Certainly not anything that teaches them understanding, compassion and a sense of natural justice – the things many Christians pride themselves on having (and some, indeed, have, but not this nutter).

Seems it’s all part of religion’s battle to prevent the Scottish government from legalising gay marriage.

The story’s in Pink News.


George Broadhead said...

This man is apparently not a minister of the Free Church of Scotland which has issued a disclaimer. He is from the Free Church, whatever that is.

andrewarmitage said...

By way of clarification, this is the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), as in the post, but it's understandable if people think of the Free Church of Scotland. This is a new denomination formed in 2000.