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Monday, 4 June 2012

Pink Humanist now online – and meet Bishop Perseus Flange

The latest Pink Humanist has just gone live.

This quarter, the new(ish) electronic magazine – put out by the Pink Triangle Trust (see panel on right) – looks at gay marriage and asks if it really is a Nazi plot to destroy the Church.

It also looks at the scandal of Turkey’s “pink certificates”: you have to prove you’re gay in the most humiliating ways if that’s your way of staying out of the armed forces.

Editor Barry Duke doesn’t mince words in his column called, well, “No Mincing Words”. Always amusing.

And there are the twin evils of fascism and Christianity in the Ukraine.

But that’s not all: it carries an address by Britain’s first out lesbian MP and an article that asks: “Christianity was once far more tolerant of gay unions than at present. Truth or fiction?”

In the blog in which you’ll find the magazine posted, there’s also Andrew John’s “Hear Me Out”, in which he has another little spat with his uncle, the Rt Rev. Dr Perseus Flange, Bishop of Little Piddlebed (see "Hear Me Out" up top). This time their encounter comes straight from the jaws of hell – well, the idyllic Parish Church of St Darren, anyway.

Duke is also editor of the ancient and feisty Freethinker, and makes reference to Perseus Flange in a piece on the magazine’s website.

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