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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Lillian's ping-pong pantomime of prejudice

Queer-hating former registrar Lillian Ladele (pictured) – a self-confessed Christian – seems about to make the next move in the ping-pong pantomime over her homophobic refusal to do the job she was being paid for.
She refused to tie the knot for same-sex couples in her role as a registrar in Islington, London. She lost her job, she appealed, she won, her employers appealed, they won, and now she seems set to appeal against that. Lots of money for the lawyers.

You can see our last post on this here.

Personnel Today tells us that Ladele’s lawyers have now asked for permission to appeal.

The story says:

Ladele’s lawyer, Mark Jones head of employment law at Ormerods, told Personnel Today that he hopes to hear in the next two weeks or so if permission to appeal has been granted. He said he could not give too much information about the appeal but that one of the grounds would relate to evidence put before the tribunal and the EAT by the council’s own witnesses “relating to the treatment of Ms Ladele and the reasons for it”.

1 comment:

Baal's Bum said...

I still cannot understand how this woman can cry prejudice to support her prejudice.
Then again I have to wonder, are there mental health issues here. I mean if this woman's delusions are preventing her functioning in a rational way, should she not be removed from society to prevent her harming herself or others. If she thinks god and or jesus is talking to her then perhaps the court should lock her up for her own safety.