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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

More Christian equality

Loving Christians are about to get up to their old tricks again in Scotland, where a gay minister’s been appointed to a congregation there. Moves to block the appointment of the Rev. Scott Rennie – who makes no secret of his sexuality – are imminent, it is said.

Rennie was installed at Queen’s Cross Church in Aberdeen with a vote of 60–24 by the city’s presbytery. He’s just finishing a ten-year stint as a minister at Brechin Cathedral in Angus.

He separated from his wife and moved another man into the manse, where they’re both currently living.
Sources within the Kirk are quoted in the Scottish newspaper the Press and Journal as saying, “It is highly likely that critics will lodge an appeal to block the move within the next ten days.”

The odd thing is that Queen’s Cross Church is renowned for its liberal-minded attitude, and its current incumbent has been involved in a number of LGBT issues over the years.

The Church of Scotland General Assembly is divided over civil partnerships as things stand, and is due to make a final decision in May.

We have laws in Britain to prevent discrimination in employment on the grounds of sexual orientation, among other things – although women get a rough deal at the hands of loving Christians, too. Once again, religion is treated differently. If the man’s been appointed, then, quite simply, no objection should be raised on the grounds of sexuality. If it turns out he can’t do the job, that’s another matter.

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