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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Belief in fairies 1 : Equality 0

Here we go again. Damned pusillanimous politicians, gutless, lacking in balls, unwilling to stand up to the bullies among the Deluded Herd who want the right to discriminate against people on the grounds of sex and sexuality.

You may have heard by now that the weak-willed woman who calls herself the “equalities minister” (hah!) has backed down over the Equality Bill, after amendments were passed in the House of Lords to weaken the equality-making provisions in the Bill on the question of fairness in employment.

Our parent organisation, the Pink Triangle Trust, isn’t too chuffed, either. Its secretary (and my fellow blogger), George Broadhead, has been sounding off in the gay press with this: “This abject climbdown has obviously been prompted by the Pope’s recent criticism of the pro-gay clause in the Bill and is a clear indication, if any were needed, of the continuing malign political influence exerted by the Catholic Church.”

And other denominations, too, it seems, since the vote by the 26 bishops who are in the House of Lords as of right – just for being Church of England bishops – was significant. And, of course, there are the truly mental organisations such as Christian Concern for Our Nation, which seem to believe in the power of prayer – when it goes in their favour.

“Provisions in the Equality Bill, currently passing through parliament, would have clarified the law requiring churches only to discriminate in terms of sexual orientation when hiring those who will teach doctrine or lead worship,” says the Pink News article linked to earlier.

It, too, reckons it’s the proposed visit by Pope Ratzinger that has swung it for Harman, which just proves, if it’s true, that the churches still swing a lot of weight, and politicians in this country are just too ball-less to stand up to them. Her climbdown is nothing less than obscene and disgusting, and the title “Minister for Women and Equality” is a joke.

Ratzo earlier criticised the Bill for wanting to violate what he calls “natural law”. A man who throughout his priestly life chose not to have sex at all, against all the natural urges that his God, he would say, has visited upon humankind, talks of “natural law”! You couldn’t make it up!

So the people we elected to take care of our interests bow instead to the interests of people who believe in fairies. I despair!

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