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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Hate-filled homophobe to be welcomed into UK

Joseph Alois Ratzinger (82), a pope, of Rome, Italy, has now confirmed that he will visit the United Kingdom later this year.

And just how much of the bill for this visit by a notorious evil homophobe, woman hater and coverer-up of priestly kiddy diddling will the British taxpayer have to foot? Very much, methinks.

Have the British taxpayers been asked whether they wish to foot the bill for this befrocked idiot, who likes to dress up his name, too (he goes under the name of Benedict), to visit? No.

And this, folks, is a state visit. This guy thinks – and much of the world agrees – that his bit of the world is a state. Yes, I know: you couldn’t make it up. No, we haven’t moved on, have we?

Mind you, part of his sojourn here will take him to Birmingham as part of the beatification of Cardinal John Newman, known, or thought likely, to have been a hated poof.

But Mr Benedict, Ratzinger, whatever, will conveniently not believe that, of course.

Why is this despicable excuse for a person being welcomed into the UK with open arms when Geert Wilders was barred (although eventually had that ban overturned)? This man Ratzo, very likely responsible for misery and suicides among gay Catholics, is going to cause more unrest by his visit that Wilders did.

The National Secular Society has a petition against this monster’s visit, which you can sign here. Terry Sanderson, president of the NSS, is quoted in the BBC story cited above as saying, “The taxpayer in this country is going to be faced with a bill of some £20m for the visit of the Pope – a visit in which he has already indicated he will attack equal rights and promote discrimination.”
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