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Monday, 20 September 2010

Dawkins on video

Big turnout at the Protest the Pope rally in London Saturday. That’s heartening.

Meanwhile, you can see Professor Richard Dawkins’s speech on the vid we’ve embedded below. Enjoy!

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Baal's Bum said...

Dawkins is as usual quite correct
The pap has openly lied, as is his job. Unfortunately for him, he has lied to a crowd of people that on the whole should be better educated than most of his victims.

Poverty and Ignorance are both allies and tools of Religions and as so will promoted by them.
Now education and literacy are no longer squandered purely for catholic propaganda, that, even with the obvious extreme bias shown by the popular media,the mere fact he has lied about documented and provable historical facts will for him prove counter productive.

For centuries the catholic hierarchy has told mis-truths about their actions, constantly re-evaluating their lies with things like purgatory and the supposed whoredom of Mary Magdalene and people just accepted it.Yet after centuries of manipulation the masses are finally opening their eyes and seeing the truth and will hopefully wake a few more people to the fact he is undoubtedly on a mission of mis-truths, and that has been the subtext of the church since it's inception.