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Saturday, 26 March 2011

For your reading pleasure . . .

A little something for the weekend? I was sent a request to help publicise an article that lists a number of top atheist blogs. They’re all Stateside, it seems, but so many good atheist resources are, and there are some good ones mentioned here, so worth exploring for weekend reading.

I’ve reprinted part of Harriet Gordon’s article below, but it’s linked to above and you can find the links to the various blogs there. As far as I can make out, it’s a commercial website advertising and linking to degree courses in something called human services, for so many of which you didn’t use to need a degree, and human service was something you just did and learned about as a vocation, largely on the job, not as a degree subject, at a price, with no guarantee of a job at the end of it.

But there’s money in providing degrees, and these days you can get a degree in being a lavatory attendant here in the UK – or is that called a public-amenities consultant now? I forget – and I may be exaggerating just a tad. But that’s just the UK. Goodness knows what goes on in the US.

But I digress, as usual (and some of the subjects within the courses I looked at are degree-able). The website itself isn’t atheist. I don’t blame her for asking atheist blogs to carry a piece to draw readers, but at least it’s highly relevant to PT readers, so I don’t mind giving a bit of a free puff. And there’s other interesting stuff on there, too. And you may even want to do a degree in human services. Here’s a large part of the article, but it’s worth reading it in full:

If you don’t believe in God and find yourself in little company when it comes to your family or friends, you can look to the online community of atheists to get a handle on philosophies and thoughts on the lack of a higher being through blogs and messageboards. Even if you do believe in a higher power, you may want to explore these top atheist blogs to get an idea of the thought process behind those who lead a non-secular [I think she means secular] lifestyle.

Top atheist blogs

If you’re looking for some concrete direction that depends on science rather than the supernatural, these are the blogs to explore atheism.

1. Atheists: This atheist blog talks about events going on throughout the U.S. and focuses on government agendas that merge church and state.

2. Friendly Atheist: This blog examines the different media stories where God is blamed or mentioned for actions, good and bad.

3. Atheist Media: At this site you’ll find posts on the role religion has in various parts of the world. It’s an interesting and eye opening look at how different we all are, while essentially wanting the same things from life.

4. Atheist Revolution: This is arguably the best atheist blog out there and regularly analyzes how to protect those who are vocal about their belief system (or lack of).

5. Planet Atheism: This blog focuses on religion in America, showing how beliefs vary from region to region and how religion is playing a role in places it shouldn’t, like the military.

6. 40 Year Old Atheist: This is a great blog for learning more about the atheist movement and the comments section is always alive with freethinkers who have something to say.

7. Adult Onset Atheist: This atheist blogger has some original thoughts on religion and the role it plays in modern American society. Make sure you stop by for the well-crafted rants too.

8. Atheist Experience: This blog takes a look at the religious stories making headlines (primary those focuses on Christianity) and how to make your point of view known without offending those who believe in a higher power.

9. Atheist Blogs: This is like the superstore of atheist blogs. It condenses all of the latest stories and blog posts from around the web into one concise place, so you can pick and choose what you want to read without trolling for hours.

10. An Atheist: For interesting commentary on the history of religion, check out this atheist blog. It makes some great points that those who are questioning their faith may be swayed by.

11. Martin S Pribble: This blog covers atheism and talks about the weight people place in their religions beliefs when it comes to making a decision between right and wrong.

12. About Atheism: The About site for learning about atheism is among their best sites and has plenty of content over why you should take the logical and science-driven approach to life.

13. Common Sense Atheism: This blog goes after Christianity and analyzes statements made in the media by political figures and leaders. It’s a smart blog with in-depth posts, so be sure you check it out when you have time to sit and stay awhile.

14. Unreasonable Faith: Believe it or not, this atheist blog is penned by a former evangelical preacher. This guy knows his stuff when it comes to navigating the Bible, so you know he isn’t making judgement calls based on poor reasoning.

15. Stupid Evil Bastard: This blog isn’t all religion (or anti-religion), but it does touch on interesting subjects regarding religion’s place in the government and our public school system.

There’s more in the article. Enjoy.
Update See the comment from New Atheist below. Click on his/her link for more useful resources.

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New Atheist said...

Thanks for posting this. It's encouraging to me to see so mnay people giving up religion. The world will be a better place without it.