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Monday, 21 March 2011

Home Sec hints that legal marriage for UK gays is on the way

Home Secretary Theresa May has told a Stonewall gathering that the coalition government will move on legalising marriage for gay people.

I tend not to trust people who change overnight (and May has form on voting against pro-gay legislation), but, for those who really go in for that kind of thing (marriage, I mean), it's a move in the right direction.

Her speech also reiterated government desire to allow religious premises to be used for gay ceremonies, but the story linked to above also quotes a senior Roman Catholic loony who reckons it's a threat to marriage as he sees it. But, then, he would, wouldn't he?

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Micky said...

This is not the first time T.May has shown that she is blowing in the wind of Cameron's changes.

Or, to put it another way 'What the Leader says goes'.

Or even that she is a changed woman and has modernised.

Like I say this is not the first such thing she's said by a long chalk.

Of course I remember how she was - but that was with anti-gay Leaders of course. Maybe this leopard really has changed her spots.