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Monday, 12 September 2011

PTT backs March for a Secular Europe

The gay Humanist charity the Pink Triangle Trust (PTT) fully endorses the statement issued by the Peter Tatchell Foundation concerning the March for a Secular Europe, opposing special privileges for religion and people of faith, and citing the malign influence of the Vatican.

The PTT’s secretary George Broadhead commented: “Humanists and Secularists like ourselves have been campaigning for many years against these special privileges in areas such as education, chaplaincy, the media and parliament, which are totally unacceptable. And what is worse for LGBT people is religious opposition to gay equality laws and its exemption from them. As for the Vatican, it must rank as the most homophobic institution worldwide. Peter Tatchell is spot on when he describes religious organisations as ‘the enemy of democracy and human rights’.

“As a member of the Alliance for a Secular Europe and a supporter of the Secular Europe Campaign, the PTT fully supports the March for a Secular Europe in London on 20 September 2011 and urges all LGBT people to do so.”

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Anonymous said...

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