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Thursday, 1 September 2011

PTT donates £1,000 to Nigerian Humanist Movement

This blog’s parent, the Pink Triangle Trust (PTT) has just made a £1,000 to the Nigerian Humanist Movement (NHM), towards the cost of its convention later this month.

The PTT’s generosity came at the request of Leo Igwe, of the NHM, and the trust has
made the following statement to be read out at the convention:

The UK gay humanist charity the Pink Triangle Trust applauds the efforts of the Nigerian Humanist Movement to promote the humanist outlook in Nigeria and the courageous support it has given to LGBT people in that country. It is therefore very pleased to give its moral and financial support to the NHM Convention in September 2011.

Hoping you have a very successful convention.

Well done, PTT!

It’s worth quoting the opening paragraph of the NHM’s website, for those who wish to know more:

The Nigerian Humanist Movement was founded in 1996 to promote Humanism, defend secularism and provide a sense of community to all non-religious and freethinking Nigerians – atheists, skeptics, rationalists, agnostics and freethinkers. Nigeria is a deeply religious society. And in most cases people relate, interact and marry along religious lines. Religious affiliation becomes a decisive factor when one is seeking employment, doing a business or wants to be admitted into a school or university. Those who do not profess any religion are treated as second class citizens. So in Nigeria most non-religious people are in the closet. They lack any association or community they can call their own. The rights of non-religious people are not recognized. The voice and interests are not represented at public debates and discourse. So NHM was formed to fulfill this important need – to defend the rights and interests of Humanists and the general public and to realize a Humanistic society.

1 comment:

Stuart Hartill said...

Well done PTT.
Leo and his associates do work which is an inspiration to all rationalists, humanists and atheists.
How they go on in conditions which would defeat most of us is staggering, and a prime example of the human spirit, free of superstition and any vested interest, at its best.