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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hate gays or be fired

What is being called a Christian “liberal” arts college in Rome, Georgia, USA, has “announced a policy which will require its more than 200 employees to sign a ‘Personal Lifestyle Statement’ rejecting homosexuality”.

Religionists again, obsessing about what people do with their bits and pieces.

LGBTQ Nation (linked to above) tells us, of Shorter University:

The university’s president, Don Dowless, made it clear any staffer not signing the agreement faces immediate termination. The policy also requires staffers to reject premarital sex and adultery, prohibits consumption of alcoholic beverages in front of students, or attending university events within six hours of consuming alcohol.

A Shorter University student who asked not to be identified said the university was “judging others, contrary to what the Bible teaches”. Good point. Well, they’ll get their reward in Heaven – or that other place.

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