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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Mad Mel is Bigot of the Year

Melanie Phillips, that bastion of freethinking and compassionate journalism, is Bigot of the Year, I see.

It’s one of Stonewall’s annual awards. There are some positive ones there, too, as you can see from the second link in the story linked to above.


George Broadhead said...

What a good choice! Phillips obviously hangs on every word of that other Roman Catholic fright in the Vatican.

George Broadhead said...

Correction! I made a boob! Phillips is a Judaist not a Roman Catholic, but is no doubt of the Orthodox variety who hangs on the every word of that other homophobic fright the Chief Rabbi.

Diesel B said...

Melanie Phillips is a nasty piece of work. I once took her to task over a particularly poisonous piece she had penned about same sex parenting. I pointed out that simply being heterosexual and/ or married was no guarantee of parental skill or moral probity, citing Fred & Rosemary West as a topical example. She didn't like that one bit and completely lost it! Vile bigot.