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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Ratzo’s in his haven and all’s well with the world

New York Times:

Buffeted by a sexual abuse scandal that is quickly defining his papacy, Pope Benedict XVI marked the fifth anniversary of his election on Monday by telling a group of cardinals that he did not feel alone at the head of what he called a “wounded and sinner” church.

Well, he wouldn’t, would he? He’s cosy in a world that has protected him and his kind since they were immersed in it, with no idea at all of what goes on outside it other than what he has seen. Well we’ve all seen things outside our experience. We have TVs. We walk through cities. He can no more empathise than I can, and probably not sympathise very much, either.

Anyway, as the NYT points out:

His remarks seemed yet another small and indirect reference to the growing sexual abuse scandal, which has focused more directly on whether Benedict, before he became pope, and his subordinates acted strongly enough against pedophile priests.

Quite. Trite words. Totally irrelevant.

The Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano says that Ratzo “very strongly feels that he is not alone; that he has on his side the entire college of cardinals, sharing with him tribulations and consolations”.

Well, I’m sure we’re all very happy for him. They’ll share his tribulations while the victims of the child abuse Ratzo – and others – permitted while he was himself a cardinal can go screw themselves and take their own tribulations with them.

He’s done an apology; he can now enjoy the comfort of his pals and the luxury of his position, paid for by the poor followers who have over generations been duped into believing the shit he claims to believe in, and thereby submitting to the very powerful control his organisation wields.

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