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Friday, 16 July 2010

Gay marriage in Argentina is the work of the Devil, says a Catholic – so it must be right, then

Gay marriage in Argentina? Who’d have thought it?

But it’s happening.

This blog’s parent organisation’s secretary, George Broadhead, is chuffed about it:

“What is so welcome about this is that, like the Spanish, the Argentine government has cocked a snook at the dominant Catholic Church and no doubt enraged that frightful homophobe in the Vatican.”

Pink News, linked to above, says: “The Pope’s number one in the country, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, even claimed it was the work of the devil.”

Yeah. Well, if there is a devil, you are his spawn, and so is the entire Catholic hierarchy. God had to get something wrong, and he did it when he allowed his fallen angel to create organised religion.

It was probably on the seventh day, when he was supposed to have rested, but got so pissed he made his own pact with the Devil, and challenged him to create an organisation that could totally fuck up the world. The Devil succeeded.

Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner supports the legislation, and says that sentiments such as those of mentally subnormal Cardinal Bergoglio (my description, not hers!) “send us back to medieval times and the Inquisition”.


Stuart Hartill said...

Interesting to see how both Argentina and the UK have changed since the Falklands/Malvinas conflict.
Then, most of us 'progressives' were against the war, and saw it as litle more than two clapped out nations having a meaningless spat to try and divert attention from failures back home. With hindsight, some might now accept Argentina was genuinely teetering on fascism, but few forgive Thatcher for the wasted lives of a badly equipped task force.
But look again - Argentinian dictators would then have been as tight with Catholicism as other dictators have, are and will be.
Meanwhile Thatcher took up the right of a PM to pick, rather than nod through Lambeth Palace's choices for, C of E bishops. Brown dropped that 'right', as has Cameron, so there's no government veto on the unelected Lords Spiritual.
Elsewhere, Labour & Tory governments alike are happily nodding through other privileges for religious bigots, under the pretence of 'rolling back the state', saving public money or whatever. Yet 'backwards' Argentinian politicians are telling the church just where to get off every time it interferes with democracy and human rights.
Funny old world!

truthspew said...

Of course the Catholic church has to come out against it. It's their shtick!

The Bigot Cavalcade lands in Providence tomorrow. It had been said that Mr. Thomas Tobin, the bishop of these parts would be speaking but lo and behold the bish backs out at the last minutes and swaps on the Rev. John Codega. He's the one who I shot down at a forum a couple years back.