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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Who profits from AIDS?

An international conference in Vienna later this week will be considering the following questions:

– Why has there been no AIDS epidemic in Europe or North America, despite repeated predictions over the last 25 years?

– Where is the vaccine against HIV that’s been “just around the corner” since 1985?

– What’s happened to the tens of billions of dollars invested in AIDS over the last 25 years?

– How did Africa manage to double its population in the last two decades while we were told the continent was drowning in disaster?

– How did Uganda become one of the fastest-growing countries today, even though it’s been hit harder by HIV/AIDS than any other African nation? And how did it overcome the epidemic without AIDS drugs?

– Why has the discoverer of HIV, Prof. Luc Montagnier, declared that “someone with a good immune system can get rid of HIV within a few weeks”?

Have you ever asked yourself these or other questions? Do you wonder why there are so few critical comments about HIV/AIDS in the public discourse? Are you curious to know who’s profiting from the HIV/AIDS hysteria? AIDS – Cui bono?

Do you suspect we might have been misled or fooled with HIV, just like we were fooled with “swine flu”, “bird flu”, “mad-cow disease” and other epidemics that failed to materialise?

You’ll remember the big row that developed over the question of whether HIV causes AIDS. G&LH carried an article by John Lauritsen, the well-known American “AIDS dissident”, and Digital Journal reported on that, and got oodles of comments below the story.

The Vienna conference is being held on 16–17 July (Friday and Saturday of this week).

John Lauritsen told me what his role would be. “Among other things I’ll argue that the AIDS holocaust didn’t just happen, but is based on ancient superstition – ultimately the taboo on sex between males in the Holiness Code of Leviticus. Also, of course, the AIDS holocaust rests on the huge profits of the AIDS Industry.”

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