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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Let the firefight begin!

Ratzo the Vile: he should
be crawling on bended
knee to the victims of
priestly child abuse
“Nobody should be pressing the Pope to meet victims of abuses to make a good photo opportunity,” says the leader of Roman Catholics in England and Wales, Vincent Nichols.

Then, referring to the countries worst hit by the sex scandal, he says: “The visit is in the UK, which is not Belgium, not Ireland, not the USA.”

Does that, then, diminish any one of the abuses carried out in Britain?

Does it make any one person who got boffed by a fat sweaty priest (or even a thin one) feel one iota better to know that more children suffered in Belgium and the States?

Just shows how out of touch these bloody Catholics are.

The Pope ought to be crawling to them on bended knee.

As for the cost of this bloody visit – well, keep in touch with the Protest the Pope website and see what you can do by way of campaigning.

1 comment:

truthspew said...

This is totally unreal to me. That they can deny the abuse with a straight face is irritatingly enough.

Why can't you find a good pope assassin when you really need one?