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Thursday, 20 November 2008

British “justice”

For an interesting analysis of Britain’s kowtowing to a primitive, foreign and unfair court system, which it allows to run alongside its own secular system, disadvantaging women, turn to the International Herald Tribune.

Perhaps it can look with a little more objectivity at the issue. But anyone reading the article cannot help but think we’re heading for disaster by allowing incomers and their descendants just to set up courts according to their own religion and expect the host country to sit back and see British women – for that is what these Muslim women are – being treated like shit in deference to Dark Ages “justice”.

We’ve seen how violence is treated, too, in a case we’ve reported on this blog (see second indented extract quoted there) that told how violent assailants had just been told to go away and have counselling and consult the odd mojo man – sorry, imam. All to the detriment of the women victims.

The fact is that these “judges” have no specialist knowledge of British jurisprudence, by which all citizens should be judged, not just those who aren’t Muslims, and the British government is lying supine and allowing yet more creeping Islamisation because it is too gutless to take decisive action and say enough is enough, this is Britain, this is our system, you will abide by it or go elsewhere.

See Pink Triangle’s last post on the issue here.

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