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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Poetic injustice, Part II

Stephen Green, the nutter who runs Christian Voice, has been trying to justify his insane little organisation’s protests against the Welsh poet whom book chain Waterstone’s kicked out of their Cardiff store yesterday.

This time the Beeb were justified in bringing on this loony, since it was he who caused this stamping on freedom of speech. (Usually, they and newspapers just wheel him on because they know he’s good for a lunatic quote or two.)

See the post below this one (or by clicking here) for background on how this cowardly act by Waterstone’s came about, and listen here to a BBC Wales recording of Green and the poet, Patrick Jones, arguing the toss (which has now been placed on the BBC story’s web page).

Toss is probably an apt word here: Green comes over as the tosser.

Incidentally, why not let your views be known to Waterstone's? Their managing director, Gerry Johnson, can be phoned on 020 8742 3800 or emailed at His boss is Simon Fox of HMV. Get him on 020 7432 2000. Make their lives hell.

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