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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Proposition 8's terminator?

All may not be lost for the proponents of same-sex marriage in California. As well as a spirited reaction to the vote on 4 November to pass Proposition 8, making marriage something possible only between opposite-sex partners, the state’s governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, reckons the state Supreme Court will reverse that vote, which effectively overturned an earlier Supreme Court ruling.

“For me,” said Terminator star Arnie, “marriage is between a man and a woman. But I don’t want to ever force my will on anyone,” he said on ABC television’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

“I think that the Supreme Court was right and that everyone should have the right.

“So the Supreme Court, you know, I think ought to go and look at that again. And we’ll go back to the same decision. I think that they will. And I think that the important thing now is to resolve this issue in that way.”

See the full story in Pink News here.

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