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Friday, 14 November 2008

Christian bigot employment appeal due in a month

That woman in Islington, London, who would not, on religious grounds, do what she was employed to do but preferred to whine to an employment tribunal instead, is set to have her case heard again on 10 December, according to the rabidly homophobic Christian Institute. This time, it’s the appeal by her employers that will be heard.

Lillian Ladele didn’t like the fact that, as a registrar, she’d have to splice filthy queers in civil partnerships as well as nice heterosexuals like herself.

So she did workarounds and some colleagues complained and it led to the employment tribunal. She won.

If common sense prevails on 10 December, the tribunal will decide that she should have done the job she was employed to do, even though civil partnerships were not law when she took it on. Job descriptions change all the time, and, as long as her bosses were not telling her to eat babies, she should have got on with it and put her religious convictions (which she’s entitled to hold, but not let hinder her work) behind her. Or she should have left the job.

The egregious Christian Institute are bankrolling her appeal, just as they did her case before the original tribunal in July, when, say the CI, “three employment judges unanimously ruled that Miss Ladele had suffered harassment and religious discrimination at the hands of her employer, Islington Council”.

You can see the 10 July BBC news report in the video below.

1 comment:

Baal's Bum said...

A few years ago I thought we here in britain had actually managed to put all the religious kowtowing behind us. Now we seem to be catapulting back the other way. Why ? There seems , to me at least, less reason to rely on beliefs/churches and the like. Is it really too much to ask that people stand up and admit to their own inadequacies and prejudices.
To me if your beliefs get in the way of doing your job,it's simple. You change your job.
If you are a Muslim and don't like handling bacon don't get a job cooking English breakfasts. If you don't like marrying people in love don't become a registrar.
But it goes further if you demand equality then you should try your best to give it.
How can anyone say don't discriminate against me because.......
and then discriminate against others.