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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Bishops tell us how wrong we are

They’re at it again, the bishops. Telling us what a waste of space lesbians and gays are.

This time it’s a bunch of Roman Catholic and Orthodox prelates, who say, “The most suitable environment for the harmonious development of the child is the family, composed of a father, mother and siblings.”

But, then, they would, wouldn’t they – these people who know sod all about families and sexuality (bishops in the Orthodox Church are celibate, although priests and deacons can be married if the marriage takes place before ordination)?

They were pontificating after the First European Catholic–Orthodox Forum, which was held over four days in Trent, Italy.

The goal of the Forum, they said, was to “help define common positions on social and moral questions. By engaging in this exchange, we help each other realise just how close our moral and social doctrines are. At the same time we make the world aware of our concerns.”

In setting out the position of the Roman Catholic Church, these pillocks said, “Sexuality is recognised as a dimension of the image of God in human beings and so has a personal value.”

Oh, yes? And by whom? Just you lot? Well, within the context of your narrow view, you’re right, of course. But your narrow view is just that, narrow, unrealistic and, to be frank, rather dim and stupid. But, hey, you make your rules and if someone breaks them they’ve – well, they’ve broken the rules. Duh!

“Men and women must learn in the language of the body their vocation to responsible love as a true gift of themselves.”

Must? Says who? You lot? Anyway, it’s just a load of meaningless waffle. Love is a natural phenomenon, you know, expressed by man for man, woman for woman, man for woman and woman for man (and catholic priest for choirboy).

“Other sexual expressions such as fornication, homosexual acts and sexual unions outside marriage are contrary to this vocation to love.”

If you’ve defined the “vocation” and they go against it, then, yes, it’s against the vocation.

The Orthodox clowns are no better, of course. They say that “on the basis of Holy Scripture and Tradition the Orthodox Church denounces homosexual relations, seeing in them the distortion of man’s divinely created nature”.

Oh, yes? On the basis of words originated several thousand years ago by nomadic camel shaggers? I think you’ll find we’ve moved on a bit in the human-rights stakes since then. Well, some of us have. Clearly Catholic and Orthodox primitives – sorry, primates – clearly haven’t.

“It [the Orthodox view] also rejects all forms of fornication, adultery and marital infidelity, as well as prostitution and promiscuity.

“At the same time, it recognises the need to pastorally assist those people who have disordered inclinations and whose way of life does not correspond to the Gospel’s moral teaching” (my emphasis).

We can do without your pastoral assistance, thank you very much, you snivelling pile of rats’ droppings. You lot bring to mind a very short poem – well, a rhyming couplet, anyway, in iambic tetrameter – I scribbled on the back of a ciggy packet back in the seventies as I pondered on how people create a world, give it rules, and then seek to punish those who break those rules. It seems to sum up this load of dinosaurs:

They tied me, dyed me green and said,
“We don’t like green” and shot me dead.

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Anonymous said...

They tied me, dyed me green and said,
“We don’t like green” and shot me dead.

^^that is all too applicable! Well said!