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Thursday, 4 December 2008

We don't wish to know that

From the religion that clearly doesn’t even seem to want to know about what it doesn’t believe is good we get the story of a Kurdish doctor who has been sentenced to six months by a Kurdish judge for merely writing a medical article about sodomy.

A leading press freedom organisation, Reporters Without Borders, has called for the release from prison of Adel Hussein, who, according to Pink News, was convicted of offending public decency with his article in newspaper Hawlati and sentenced in November in the city of Arbil, the capital of Kurdish-controlled Iraq.

Reporters Without Borders are quoted as saying:

Sexual practices are part of the individual freedoms that a democratic state is supposed to promote and protect. Furthermore, Hussein did not defend homosexuality. He limited himself to describing a form of behaviour from a scientific viewpoint.

And what if he had defended homosexuality? Decapitation, probably.

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