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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Irresponsible people

The moral state of the nation is a perennial topic but now is a particularly appropriate time to discuss it. The credit crunch will have wide effects, and the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, made a crucial point recently when he said the age of irresponsibility was over. That seems to point to the heart of the problem but the age is far from over.

Increasingly in recent years irresponsibility has been the order of the day. From the highest downwards people have not been held to account. The order of the day seems to be that just saying sorry is enough. It is not. That is the start, but it is necessary to take the consequences too. World leaders, investment bankers, media people, lenders, borrowers, the people in the streets, either don’t hold others responsible or are blamed for speaking up.

Even those, like the police, whose job it is to uphold the rules often don’t do so, or break the rules themselves, and still keep their jobs and their bonuses.

These things have always gone on but now it seems not just to be expected behaviour but acceptable behaviour.

University philosophy departments, which seem to live on public money, rarely say a word in public about the moral state of the state, if they say anything at all, and so fail in what they should do.

It is up to the public to demand moral behaviour from everyone. If they start doing so, 2009 could be an interesting year.

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Baal's Bum said...

The moral state of the nation...What a sweeping comment. But what does it mean ? In a word ..nothing ,it is just another, in the seemingly endless tirade of nonsensical catchphrases churned out by the factions of the "Ain't it awfuls. A catchphrase that will no doubt end up with a more restrictive legislature resulting in people paying more for "transgressions" of an everyday nature, while the same legislators will ignore real problems. ie. children will be prosecuted for shootings stabbings without addressing why they are doing it.
Call me old fashioned but if they really wanted to address the "moral state of the nation" They would get rid of all the politically correct bullshit and start from the ground up. Teach parents to discipline their children properly and instil good moral values through good education and example. Not throw it all away because Mr and Mrs Patel may be offended.(while allowing Mr Patel to beat the shit out of his wife because of his beliefs)
Moral state of the nation.... Mr Brown sort out the moral state of
a/ the government
b/ the religious fanatics
c/ the immigrant population

Before you tell me I drink/smoke/eat/fuck/swear/anyfuckingthingelse too much