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Friday, 5 December 2008

Going down! Catholic Church sinks lower and lower

Just how low can the Vatican sink? We reported earlier in the week how this evil organisation wanted to oppose human rights for gay people.

We quoted a Monsignor Celestino Migliore, who fears such recognition of human rights will lead to same-sex marriage. Oh, dear! We can’t have that, can we?

This same nutter, who is the Vatican’s envoy to the UN, “has confirmed that the Holy See also refused to sign a UN document last May on the rights of the disabled because it did not condemn abortion or assert the rights of foetuses with birth defects”, The Times tells us.

Meanwhile, the Vatican’s statement on discrimination against gays has been criticised by France, which currently holds the Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers, and by Amnesty International and gay-rights groups. One group has described the Vatican’s stance as “grotesque”.

The Times continues:

Diplomats said the proposed UN declaration, to be adopted on 10 December by the UN general assembly, called for an end to the practice of criminalising and punishing people for their sexual orientation, and was aimed in part at countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, where homosexuality can be punished by death.

However Archbishop Migliore said the Vatican was concerned that countries where gay marriage is banned would “come under pressure” to allow it, and could even be “punished” for not doing so.

Yes, your point being? Well, we know what your point is, tosser!


Baal's Bum said...

How can an organization that is renowned for fucking young males complain about some males sanctifying their union just because the people wanting marriage have passed through puberty

Ex Patriot said...

What more could one expect from a organization that has perpetuated a myth for the past 2000+ years and said myth is nothing more than a way to control the minds of the weak and basically uneducated peoples of the world