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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

1984 confirmed!

Well, it’s confirmed. Geert Wilders, maker of Fitna, has indeed been banned from the UK by the snivelling bastards who would claim to be protecting our freedom of speech.

What a load of spineless, bollockless twats!

Odd how Ken Livingstone was able to bring in the Islamofascist Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who advocates violence towards women and suicide bombing. Indeed, our publisher, the Pink Triangle Trust, has called for this evil bastard to be put on a blacklist.

It just goes to show that, when it comes to Islam, idiotic ideas that advocate treating women as tenth-rate citizens, that advocate killing apostates, that advocate shoving gays off the tops of cliffs and that advocate a gradual spreading of Islam like an oil slick until the entire world is tainted with its toxicity, can win out over hard-fought-for Western ideals of freedom of expression.

The BBC tells us that the bleating, whining, moaning Muslim peer who ran to the powers that be when Wilders’s film was first set to be shown, New Labour’s Lord Ahmed, has welcomed the ban.

But, then, he would, because Muslims (well, those we constantly hear from, at least) cannot stand the thought that someone might say something bad about them in public; and, of course, New Labour will back him, because few people in New Labour wish to see freedom of expression, either, if it involves criticising religion, and especially the Islamic religion.

It’s called political correctness. A cliché, yes, but it’s real.

“It would be unwise to have him in the UK because this man’s presence would cause hatred,” Ahmed said.

No, you blithering idiot. It is you and your followers who cause hatred. Enjoy the party while it lasts, because people here won’t put up for ever with this appeasement.

I despair. I really do. This is so fucking unfair.

So here it is again (just click below). Enjoy – if that's the right word.

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