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Monday, 16 February 2009

Public opinion – i.e. a few “fairly senior people” – back Dumbledore’s lunacy

The Archbishop of Cant, Rowan “Dumbledore” Williams (pictured), reckons society is now coming round to his lunatic idea that sharia law could be allowed into aspects of proper law.

It’s a year ago now that he made this fatuous, dangerous suggestion, but, according to the Telegraph, he has “defended his controversial comments about the introduction of Islamic law to Britain and claimed that public opinion is now behind him”.

Like hell it is! Ask your average bloke or woman in the street and they’d probably tell him where he can stick sharia law.

What he says is that “a number of fairly senior people” share his view. But “fairly senior people” aren’t usually the woman in Bolton who’s had her inheritance taken away by some jumped-up religious “court” – a scenario painted in the Telegraph story.

His “fairly senior people” are probably as out of touch as he is. Go and talk to the woman in Bolton, Archbishop, and see what she says!

“The Archbishop, the most senior cleric in the Church of England, faced calls to resign last February when he said it was likely that elements of the religious principles based on the Koran, concerning marriage, finance and conflict resolution, would be enshrined in British legislation one day,” says the paper.

These joke courts don’t stop at minor family disputes, as can be seen from this post (look at the second indented extract).

Why must we continue this kowtowing?

Well, there are votes in it, that’s one reason why. Then there are the PC brigade who think the ideal of multiculturalism should trump our laws and our culture.


Anonymous said...

you may have heard of the one law for all campaign:

Andy Armitage said...

Indeed we have, Anon, but thanks for mentioning this, because the more people who know about it the better. We haven't covered it in detail on the blog here, but you'll find a feature by Mariam Namazie in our magazine, Gay & Lesbian Humanist. Click on enter on the cover, and then look for "Women and sharia" in the left-hand sidebar. I could give you the exact URL, but it would be nice if you browsed a bit while you're there! (I'm sure you don't mind my being a bit cheeky here!). Enjoy.