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Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Why on earth are we paying for our Prime Minister to have talks with someone whose way of life is intrinsically evil, and who is morally suspect?

Off he goes to Italy tomorrow to chat to Berlusconi, but he’s dropping off at some point to chinwag with Pope Ratzinger. According to Scotland’s Herald, it’s to discuss “development issues”, whatever they are.

Brown has already repeated an invitation made by his bizarrely superstitious predecessor, Tony Blair, to visit Britain. Who will be paying for that? Who will foot the bill for all the security? Yep, the British taxpayer.

And why the hell does the Herald talk of his having “an audience” with the evil Ratzo? They’re having a meeting, aren’t they? Is he having “an audience” with Berlusconi, too? Does his secretary have “an audience” with Brown when taking him his morning coffee? Or ministers when they pop in for a chat?

Ratzo is not granting “an audience” to Brown: he’s having a meeting with him. It will just happen to take place in or near the old bastard’s luxury abode, that’s all.

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