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Sunday, 22 February 2009

What are they plotting?

As Andy Armitage noted on this blog last Wednesday, the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, who is a Protestant Christian, is meeting the Roman Catholic Pope again.

Is Mr Brown going to become a Catholic like his predecessor? I think we can discount the thought that the Pope will officially become a Protestant.

Is the Pope giving his support to a merger of his sect with the Anglicans? And discussing with Mr Brown the price to be paid to the Vatican.

If the meeting was to discuss a papal visit to the UK, I hope there will be more opposition to it than the last visit by a Pope. Preparations for opposing it should start as soon as any official announcement is made so that we can get out banners made and perhaps book a poster advertising campaign against it.

No matter how deep the financial crisis gets we can be sure Mr Brown was not telling Pope Ratzinger that the Catholic Church will have to pay its proper share of taxes for the first time and lose its tax privileges as a religion.

Perhaps in exchange for a pledge of no new taxes on the Church and a guarantee that all taxpayers will continue to pay for Catholic schools, Mr Brown was trying to secure a large loan from the Vatican Bank to help Britain avoid bankruptcy.

We must wait and see.

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