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Friday, 27 November 2009

The Christians who are happy to allow long, lingering deaths

A bunch of nutty Christians want everyone to respond to a consultation by the UK’s Director of Public Prosecutions on assisted suicide.

“Following the case brought by Debbie Purdy,” Christian Concern for Our Nation write in an email alert, “the Law Lords instructed the Director of Public Prosecutions to draw up guidelines stating his policy on the situations in which he would or would not bring a prosecution against someone assisting in the suicide of another person in England and Wales, both within these countries and overseas.”

As you would expect, the extreme Christians would want everyone prosecuted. “If we consider life sacred and wish to see all life protected we must take this opportunity to raise the voice of concern. It would be good if we could create thousands of responses.”

So all life must be preserved even if life is intolerable. That, folks, is the nature of their “Christian concern”.

The group have submitted their own legal response. Click here to see it, but be warned that it’s a PDF.

Well, if they want us to respond, perhaps we’d better respond (PDF). We have until 16 December. Let’s say how we feel that life isn’t as innocently simple as this bunch of naïve loons would want us to believe, and that sometimes a person’s death is going to be far more welcome to that person than life is, and it behoves friends and other loved ones to help in any way they can.

You can print off and send a questionnaire if you prefer (PDF again).

It goes without saying that safeguards would have to be in place, but it’s not beyond human wit to come up with something that would be as watertight as possible. Nothing is ever perfect.

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Stuart Hartill said...

I'd be willing to lay a bet that when the Christian 'responses' are looked closely at approximately 80% will be from abroad - many US or Australia/NZ/Canada. I know this because when there was a public consultation here in Isle of Man in around 2003 that's what happened.
I was helping Pat Kneen's campaign out and we asked the government select comittee to investigate, knowing a prominent UK pro-life group supported by one of the committee had organised the responses. Sure enough, all but about a dozen of 200 were foreign responses, all exactly alike in the wording.
There does need to be genuine individual public action on the issue, but mostly because the pro-life groups are so well funded and so dishonest that even when such activity is uncovered they will immediately blame it on their opponents, knowing that government sources are unlikely to say who played the dirty tricks and few journalists will look far enough into even public domain material to report what goes on.