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Friday, 27 November 2009

Sins of the fathers

There’s little point in going over the whole child-abuse thing that the Catholic Church has allowed its priests to continue to get away with in Ireland. It’s all over the press and other media. You can’t miss it.

I thought it might be helpful, though – because this stuff can’t be exposed too often (although it will be soon forgotten, except by the victims and their families) – to give a search link for your convenience.

Happy reading (I think not!).

No doubt we’ll see some hand wringing on the part of the Catholic bloody Church, and blaming the poofs and blaming everyone else and feeling sorry that the Catholic Church itself has had to suffer this ignominy, blah-di-blah, bullshit, balderdash, folderol, piffle, poppycock, rot, shite.

Ho hum.

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