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Monday, 30 November 2009

Let’s pretend it didn’t happen

Shades of George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth here – this guy wants to rewrite history.

Britain’s Telegraph tells us that “a leading US Roman Catholic asked for a meeting with [Cherie Blair] to be struck from the record because he discovered her ‘opposition’ to some Church teachings”.

The Rev Jack Sullivan, 71, is said to have been healed of a debilitating spinal condition after praying to [possibly gay – tee-hee] Cardinal John Henry Newman in 2001 and was visiting the UK ahead of Newman’s beatification for the miracle by the Pope next September.

He initially said in a statement that he was “most impressed” by barrister Mrs Blair after visiting her last month.

But when he discovered her pro-choice views and endorsement of birth control, he tried to erase any reference to the meeting at Mrs Blair’s £5.75m home near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, contacting several newspapers to ask them to amend their stories.

What a berk!

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