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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Queen of Heaven II

Oh, dear! This has got the frothy Christians at it.

It’s a play – part of the Glasgay! festival in Glasgow (well, you probably guessed that from its name) – that depicts Jesus as a transsexual.

I say so what? He’s a historical figure – assuming he existed and isn’t some sort of amalgam or a figure invented for political reasons at the time or shortly thereafter.

As a historical figure – one of myth or legend or actuality – he’s anyone’s to do as they wish with. And that makes him fair game for art.

I’ve seen Julius Caesar depicted as a modern dictator (Mussolini, actually). Did Caesarists complain? No. People just enjoyed the play.

See our previous post on this here, when the gay-detesting Christian Institute (but of course!) were kicking up a stink.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Better yet, Jeusus had a sibling who was a hermaphrodite. Imagine that.