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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Did the big bully hurt the poor ickle Christians, then? Aw, diddums!

Oh, God, here we go again. Everyone’s trying to bully poor ickle Christians. Aw, diddums!

It’s the turn now of the former Archbishop of Canterbury George (now Lord) Carey, who has accused politicians of “trying to bully Christianity out of public life”, according to the Daily Mail.

“He complained of a ‘strident and bullying campaign’ to marginalise Christianity in the name of political correctness,” says the right-wing tabloid.

It quotes Carey as saying, “We have reached the point where politicians are mocked for merely expressing their faith. I cannot imagine any politician expressing concern that Britain should remain a Christian country. That reticence is a scandal and a disgrace to our history.”

He tends to forget – conveniently, as do all the Deluded Herd, when it suits them – that the taxpayer funds schools that are allowed to indoctrinate pupils with all kinds of weird shit, that we still have an established church with 26 befrocked Jesus fans in the House of Lords by default, that the BBC puts out hours and hours of religious programming that, if the National Secular Society is to be believed, few want to see or hear.

Carey made his remarks to the Christian Broadcasting Council.

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