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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

From Lady Cumslurp-Bucketminge et al.

Must get this one in well before 1 April, in case you think I’m having you on!

If you go to this Number Ten petition, you’ll see that someone wants the age of consent for gay sex put back to 21.

However, it seems that some of the signatories aren’t taking the proposal too seriously. Here are a few of those who have signed:

Nathaniel Pilchard, Lord Huffington of Feltchingham, Bertha Bumfluff of Twattown, Bumshagger McSpunklover, Lady Cumslurp-Bucketminge, Dick Upmy-CHhocolatestarfish, Bonnie McFlange, Master of BunHoles, Ben Dover, Master MohamE-stim Bukkaka, Bumface McGoaty, Phil McCrakkin, Ben Doone.*

At least it will raise a few smiles in the Number Ten petitions office.
* When I looked in on this on 13 March 2010, these names had disappeared. However, there were others, such as Doggy Poosniffer, Nobby Arsepoke and Hugh G Rection, to mention just three. Maybe some of these will disappear, too. Perhaps the Downing Street petitions office people have detected that it is not being taken entirely seriously. What a surprise!

1 comment:

Adam said...

I think the new names may be due to the fact I sent it in to the b3ta newsletter last week...