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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Hypocrisy beyond belief

Oh, this is so rich! The Catholic Church telling the rest of us how to live.

“The Roman Catholic Church has launched a strong attack on British society, saying it is suffering from a lack of trust and neighbourliness,” reports the BBC. “Its comments come in a pre-general-election report called ‘Choosing the Common Good’.”

You can read all about it at that BBC link above, but get this:

Members of Parliament have been pilloried for their use of expenses and allowances. Bankers have earned astonishing bonuses and brought the world economy close to collapse. The Catholic Church in our countries, too, has had to learn in recent years some harsh lessons in safeguarding trust.

That is a direct quote from the report. Not from the BBC’s reporter, but from the Catholic Church.

Note how specific it is – and rightly so – when talking of corrupt MPs and filthy-rich bankers who really ought to be made to go back into the sewer they crawled out of; but, when it comes to its own sins, we get abstracts.

No, it’s not merely the case that it “has had to learn in recent years some harsh lessons in safeguarding trust”: it has fiddled with children’s private parts; it has assaulted young people in its care; it has abused children who put their trust it its foot soldiers; it has ruined lives.

And that’s just the kiddy-fiddling part of the Catholic Church’s mission of the past few decades.

Add to that the way the Vatican kills gay Catholics and how it blocks the use of possibly life-saving condoms – plus the many other sins of its fathers – and you have a huge bunch of hypocrisy. It’s enough to make you vomit all over your communion wafer.
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