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Friday, 13 August 2010

Academies of hate

Academy-style schools, now becoming the default means of education for young people in Britain, it seems, are likely to create a less tolerant society, according to a Green MP.

Gay UK News tells the story:

In the Houses of Parliament [it means the House of Commons], Education Secretary Michael Gove recently laid out the plans for the Academies Bill, saying that anyone can bid to run academies and free schools. The South West Green Party spokesperson on LGBT rights Ryan Cleminson said this of the proposals, “The worrying thing about these proposals of free schools and academies is that they are likely to create a less tolerant society and not a fairer society. We all know that many of these academies and free schools are likely to be run by religious organisations, which signals that religious dogma about homosexuality being a sin will be taught.”

The answer is in the hands of parents. If they just put their collective foot down – easier said than done, I know – and said they were not going to allow their kids to be taught such crap, there might be changes. Religious nutcases have been allowed to get away with too much for too long, and they never cease to try to find ways of insinuating themselves into as many people’s lives as they can, by as many back doors as they can find.

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