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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Common sense prevails

A religious charity, Catholic Care, has lost its appeal to be allowed to discriminate out of prejudice against gay people.

The Charity Commission has said gay people are suitable parents, and that’s that. Good old Charity Commission! Other, similar, agencies caught in this trap have either closed or, in the case of the more enlightened ones, severed their links with the Catholic Church.

”However, Catholic Care tried to change its constitution so that it would be committed to following Catholic teaching and placing children only with heterosexual parents,” says the BBC story linked to above. Yes, prejudice must prevail, even if it means changing the rules, it seems.


Rainbow said...

They call themselves "Christians?" I, for one, don't.

Rainbow said...

On the other hand, why would a gay couple go to a notoriously catholic agency, seeing what catholic think of us gays? Isn't this like going in a vegan restaurant demanding roast-beef?