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Friday, 6 August 2010

Proposition Hate

Oh, wouldn’t it be just delicious if this biz about Proposition 8 and the ruling that it violates equal-protection clauses actually went federal, and the filthy thing were kicked out for ever? The ruling seems to be saying that moral disapproval is no reason to oppose equality of marriage opportunity.

If the whole the USA found itself a gay-marriage zone, wouldn’t that be one in the eye for the swivel-eyed loons who oppose gay marriage on biblical grounds?

Whatever you may think about marriage per se and about whether gays ought to have any truck with it, you have to agree that, if it’s there for one section of the community, it should be there for others, in the hope that one day we won’t be seeing gays and straights as two sections of the community but just as the community. But, while there’s one law for one lot and one for the other lot, this divide will always be a big ugly one.
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