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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Gay is a choice, says jackass Justin

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber . . .

Oh, such journalese!

Anyway, teen heartthrob Justin Bieber has shown that he's as naïve as he is cute by saying that being gay is a matter of choice – a decision.

Just to show what a silly little boy he is, he has added that abortion is wrong, even if the mother-to-be has been raped.

Oh, Justin, you've got a bit of growing up to do. Sorry if that sounds patronising, coming from an old git, but, Jesus, there are times when you just gotta tell a kid he's a dumbass motherfucker.

Pink News says: "When asked [by Rolling Stone mag] what his views on homosexuality are, Bieber responded: 'It’s everyone’s own decision to do that. It doesn’t affect me and shouldn’t affect anyone else.'

"It is not clear whether he intended to label homosexuality as a lifestyle choice."

Sounds like it to this humble blogger. Either his views will mature and he'll regret his childish outburst, or he'll reach adulthood thinking like this – and then sensible people can really have a go at him.

Mind you, this is the young man who told the Guardian in November last year: "I pray all the time. I pray two to three times a day. When I wake up I thank him for my blessings. I thank him for putting me in this position. And at the end of the day I get out my Bible. At home-school my tutor is Christian, so we go over Bible verses. It's something that keeps me grounded."

Pass the sick bucket, somebody.


Anonymous said...

Justin pull your head out of your ass and see the world for what it really is

John said...

I hope people get to Beiber and make him retract his statement or at least clarify it. If not, I recommend that Gay people everywhere (especially in the industry) boycott his material. Bigots don't deserve our money.

PSR said...

These words do not represent his considered opinion, in reality he has no considered opinion.

Pop stars are told what to think. Please don't go at him for that.

What should be attacked is the system that puts up people like him to be pop stars and manipulates and controls.
These words do not represent his considered opinion, in reality he has no considered opinion.

john said...

i'm no justin bieber fan, but he's just a teenager. he was asked a question, and if you ask any 16 year old a question about their beliefs, they'll probably give you answers based on how their raised. at least we know it's not some PR firm that's feeding him answers.

so good job telling 16 year old he's got some growing up to do. except you're the adult that's letting a 16 year old's view of the world get under your skin.

GTF off your high horse.

Stuart Hartill said...

Hannah Montana went on the 'approved' list of TV programmes for my small daughter after Miley Cyrus spontaneously made positive comments about gay marriage during a UK TV interview. Shame her dad's such a dork though(witness his recent comments about atheist billboards etc.)!
Bieber would never make my list, but, frankly, it's not a worry as I suspect small girls these days pay far more attention to lively, argumentative teen girl stars like Cyrus than dull, born-again mummy's boys like Bieber.
Honestly, he's a recycled Donny Osmond, marketed to those over-protective middle of the road US mums who take purchasing decisions for their daughters. Despite the hype, I've yet to hear one of my daughter's friends say she would spend her pocket money on Bieber produce.

Anonymous said...

this is such a pathetic article you are making something that isnt sound like a huge loser