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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Uganda: it's worse than we thought

Things seem to be worse in Uganda than most people thought, according to BBC Radio 1 presenter Scott Mills.

Mills has been speaking to about an upcoming documentary. The gay presenter told how he feared for his own safety in the country.

"Mills met anti-gay MP David Bahati as part of filming for The World’s Worst Place to be Gay?," says the outlet.

Bahati is the homophobic – nay, evil – twat who would be happy to see gays executed.

"When the presenter said he was gay, Bahati became enraged and the film crew fled," says "Later, they heard that Bahati had sent armed police to a hotel he thought they were staying at."

He's quoted as saying, "I was really frightened. It’s just something that you wouldn’t think would happen. It was a real shock to the system and we were told to lie low."

The World’s Worst Place to be Gay? will be shown on BBC3 at 9 p.m. on Monday, 14 February.


George Broadhead said...

Scott Mills seems to have been abysmally ignorant aboout the dire situation for gays in Uganda before he visited the country. This has been well known and well publicised for some time, especially since the draconian anti-gay bill (still pending) was proposed.

Mills rightly identifies much of the hostility as coming from US evangelical Christian sources,but seem totally unaware that it also comes from the equally hostile Anglican Church of Uganda,a fact that the head of the Anglican Church, Rowan Williams, chooses to ignore.

Bob Hutton said...

Look up

Also I have made a comment on Steve Green's blog about his article you mentioned in your pervious post.