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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Mr Green respondeth

The real Stephen Green, as we called him in a previous post when his ex-wife accused him of beating her up, has responded.

She, as you'll see from the above link, made allegations in the Daily Mail about this nutcase who seems to spend most of his energy ranting about gays. He had beaten her and the kids, she said, and had been a thoroughly bad lot.

In the interests of balance, here is a link to his response, which appears on his blog.

He says, among other things: "The article was a catalogue of smears and distortions stitched together by a tabloid journalist [Frances Hardy] who specialises in TV, celebrities, women’s features and gossip. She also has an anti-Christian agenda. Just over a year ago, she wrote a sycophantic piece exalting the pro-paedophilia campaigner Peter Tatchell. In April this year, she gushed over the first two lesbians who have jointly put their names on the birth certificate of the baby born to one of them."

As for an allegation that was tantamount to one of marital rape, Green says, "I never once had sexual relations with my former wife against her clearly expressed wish."

He goes on, "Secondly, in connection with the published allegations that I assaulted her, the truth, sadly, is the complete opposite. I had to obtain a harassment order against her to stop a campaign of intimidation and on one of the occasions when she assaulted me, I reported the matter to the police and she received a police caution."

There's more.
Update: I left a comment on Stephen Green's blog. I did wonder whether he'd use it, and he did. I mentioned the famous "Dr Laura" letter, which takes the piss out of Leviticus. He pointed me to a post of his own that tries to refute the letter, but fails. For one who you would think would call the Bible inerrant, he seems happy to say that this or that law has now been done away with because of Paul's vision or Peter's vision in the New Testament. You be the judge. You might like to argue the point with Mr Green. However, I think you would be wasting your time.

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