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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Bangle wrangle: the story continues

The Sikh girl who won the right to wear a kara, a slim bracelet worn as a sign of faith, at her school in South Wales is now saying up yours to the school and moving on.

You can see the background at "Baubles, bangles and bias" (which we posted in August) and links you'll find on that post, but, basically, Sarika Watkins-Singh's school Aberdare Girls' School, has a jewellery policy that was thrown into chaos by a High Court judge who ruled that, in spite of the fact that the rest of the kids can wear only ear studs and watches, Watkins-Singh can wear a bangle.

OK, it's slim and inoffensive, but equality is equality. If she can wear a bangle, then so should everyone else, and I do hope the kids are kicking up a hell of a stink about it and are all wearing tiaras and diamond-studded nipple rings in protest.

Anyway, Watkins-Singh has now decided that, in spite of the fact that Aberdare has told her she can go back there, she'll go to nearby Mountain Ash Comprehensive School instead (she studied there while she was suspended during the row).

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