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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Virtue on "vice"

A three-hour public orgy of simulated sex acts, advertised gay bars, pornography vendors, male prostitution businesses with handouts to parade spectators that included condoms, sexual lubricant samples, and literature promoting a pornographic website . . .

Interested? Read on.

Actually, I should have put quote marks around that first paragraph, because these words are not mine, but those of David Virtue, who indulges in a one-man orgy of gay bashing on a website called VirtueOnline.

This website calls itself “the Anglican Communion’s largest Biblically Orthodox Online News Service, read by 3,000,000 readers in 45 countries each year. Challenging, controversial, never dull, VirtueOnline exists to keep its readers informed about the worldwide Anglican Communion and to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

You can hear the hellfire preaching in his written voice, as he talks of the “blasphemous sex orgy” that was San Francisco Pride, and what upsets Virtue as much as this sacrilegious event itself is the fact that it “included a flotilla from the Episcopal Diocese of California and Bishop Marc Andrus”. Indeed, his headline is Diocese of California complicit in perverted “gay pride parade”.

You see him reaching for his Bible as he bellows and rages:

The sick, degenerate parade of homoerotic behavior contained a float featuring the Rt. Rev. Marc Andrus, Bishop of California[,] in company with Nigerian sexual predator, Davis Mac-Iyalla[,] former Nigerian head of Changing Attitude[,] sitting in the back of a car waving to cheering people on sidewalks.

Andrus’s car wasn’t far behind the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. VOL exposed the sexual activities of Mac-Iyalla in Lambeth, revealing his sexual predatory behavior with two seminarians in the course of a tour, all the while telling people that he was a victim of the Nigerian Anglican Church’s homophobia.

Virtue goes on to say that, tomorrow, “criminal activity and sexual perversion will once again fill San Francisco’s public streets, with the shameful blessing of Mayor Gavin Newsom, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger”. This is the Folsom Street Fair, at which “hundreds, if not thousands, of fully nude men walk the public streets engaging in oral sex, sodomy, and some of the most debauched and vile acts of sadomasochism".

“These outrageous activities happen in broad daylight. Children are allowed to, and do, attend this event and are witness to this nudity and public sex.”

I can’t help thinking there’s some hyperbole here. Can someone enlighten me? I’ve never been to San Francisco, so have no way of knowing. But it sounds like fun. Virtue actually points his readers to some video footage, and tantalises – sorry, warns – them with “but you should be warned that many of them are sexually explicit and disgusting”.

Read the whole hellfire tirade and get to the video links here. It’s a hoot.


Stuart Hartill said...

Hmm,doesn't sound as if this character has ever spent time in a monastery or seminary then.
Getting on for 30 years ago a fairly open and decent monk I worked with admitted that on his first night as a novice in a large monastery run by one the more reputable orders he could hardly get to sleep for all the beds banging against walls and hot water pipes.

Baal's Bum said...

“but you should be warned that many of them are sexually explicit and disgusting”.
Have they removed these pics/vids, I looked through them all and saw nothing I would call explicit or disgusting. What I saw was the best tourist ad ever.
He really needs to get out more, or maybe just "come out"