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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Now say you're sorry!

We learn from MediaWatchWatch, among others, that the author of The Jewel of Medina – the novel about Mohammed’s child bride – is demanding an apology from the nutcase who buggered things up for her.

(See all Pink Triangle’s posts on the book here.)

After Sherry Jones wrote the book, her publisher, Random House, sent a copy to an academic, Professor Denise Spellberg, in the hope of getting a quote for the blurb. Instead, Spellberg decided it was pornography (there aren’t any sex scenes in it, we’re told) and tittle-tattled to a Muslim colleague.

Well, you can imagine what the upshot of all that would be. Random House gutlessly pulled the book after consulting Muslim “scholars”, Muslims objected to the book, other publishers decided to take it on. Result: it’s got far more publicity and will best-sell throughout the world now.

Usual thing with Muslim nuts: someone does something (let’s say a cartoon, just as an example), Muslims object, the world and its blog get to know about it and whatever aspect of their dark religion they perceived has been offended gets “offended” all over the globe, before the eyes of millions rather than a few thousand.

Well now Jones is saying of Spellberg, “She used the most inflammatory language she could possibly have used. If you want to incite heated emotions from any religious group you just use the word ‘pornography’ in the same sentence as their revered figures.

“She ought to take back her words because it is in no way an accurate description of my book. There are no sex scenes in it. I have not dishonoured the Prophet. I wrote it with the intention of honouring him.”

Can’t think why anyone would want to honour someone who gave rise to this dreadful religion, but there you go.

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